Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day

According to the old tradition of several generations of one family going in the house for the holiday lunch . Everyone gives thanks for all the good things that happened in his life

Traditions and kitchen

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Bright young pumpkins, ears of the "Indian " corn, apples, oranges, chestnuts, walnuts , dried leaves and bunches of grapes hanging from the dish as if from a horn of plenty, not only are the traditional decoration of the table, but also represent an abundance of autumn gifts of nature. Bouquets of gold , orange and red-brown chrysanthemums , supplemented with sprigs of berries , complete the feeling of abundance and generosity of nature , this celebration of a rich harvest .

Eat on this day modern Americansstuffed turkey with cranberry syrup and a large sweet pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Day - a national holiday in the U.S. and Canada, celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. From this day begins the holiday season, which includes Christmas and continues until the New Year.



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