Thank you, Ma'am

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Thank you, Ma'am

Author: Langston Hughes

Title: Thank you, Ma'am

ClimaxThe womn takes Roger to her house and he cleans his face. She tells him that she's done some bad things too, that she's not proud of. She says it's wrong to do and she invites him to dinner.

IntroductionA young boy was running and tried to snatch a woman's purse. HIs name is Roger, and the woman's name was Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. The time period is more in the past.

Rising ActionRoger was running down the street and tried to take a woman's purse. The wasn't able to and the woman grabbed him by the shirt and was furious. She made him pick up the pocketbook and purse. She then takes him to her house to wash his face and clean up.


Falling Action


The reason he wanted to take her purse is because he wanted money for some new shoes. She feels bad because he doesn't have anyone to take care of him at home.

She gives him money so he can buy his shoes. She treated him like a son. After he eats dinner, he goes back home. They wave goodbye, and they never saw each other again.


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