thank you 2

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thank you 2

Thank you, Mrs. Urey, for updating my IEP're great! Ms. Buchanan

Elizabeth,Thank you for all your help with technology. Suzanne

Ms. Kennedy, Thank you so much for believing in Maggie! You have given her such confidence!Coach Spiegel

Tracy, Thank you for always being on top of all the data we have to keep up with! Your organization makes life easier and keeps me from messing up everything on the computer. Michele

Georgette,Thanks for all the behind the scenes work you've done for me. I appreciate you! Karen

Elizabeth, Thank you for thinking of sending sub plans. IT was very thoughful, just like you. Nancy

Dear Caroline, You are so positive and encouraging! I appreciate your kind spirit and your endearing words. Thank you for all you do!Peggy

I want to thank the following teachers for helping me move from the annex to the main building: Elizabeth B, Stephanie, Ms. Smith-Green, Wanda, Ms. Marcus, Ms. Woodruff, and Ms. Buchanan.Dr. E

Karen, Thanks for your prayers and patience, literally and figuratively.Wanda

Hi, Sarah Johnston,I would like to thank you for always offering to assist me and the offer always comes with a smile. I know there have been times when I am grumpy, but please know that I am grateful for all you want to do to help. Thank you,Elizabeth B

Thank you, Dr. E, for coming to my room the other day when a student was being disruptive. I really appreciate it. Sarah Johnston

Dear Karen,Thanks for a great planning day and thanks for all the goodies. Randi

I would like to thank Ms. Creighton for always being so helpful. Gilbert

Nancy, Thank you for your hard work every week! Elizabeth


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