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thank you 1

Misty,I can't thank you enough for all your help and support this year! You are so generous and I love our friendship. I enjoy having the wall open--only so we can talk!A million thanks!You're the best!Stephanie

Diane,Thank you for helping me with my "custom" lesson plan template. It has made my lesson plans faster to finish. Thanks,Gwyn Estes

Mrs. Murphy,Thank you for providing snacks for the Spanish club members!Ivette

Anita, Thank you for sharing your 5th graders with me. I enjoy the wonderful lessons we share! We always learn alot and have fun!

Wanda, I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done as a team leader!Caroline!

Cheryl,You have amazed me with the way you go from room to room! You are touching students in math, and I know you will see great gains. Again, I appreciate all you did to make compacting great!Cissi Kale

Melinda,Thanks so much for your prayers.Wanda

Karen Howell, Thank you for everything you do! Your hard work and dedication is very appreciated. You are always willing to help and listen. Also, your knowledge fo best practices is noteworthy. YOu really make it hard to say "no" to you. Mike Cappucci

Karen,Thank you, Tracy, for helping me transition to 3rd grade. Thanks for the many things you do for me and our whole 3rd grade team.Beverly Harden

Lauren, Thank you for what you bring to our team. Your enthusiasm is great! You have been very open to changes and willing to give things a try. You've tackled fundraising and never have complained. It is just a pleasure to work with you! :-)Jeannette

Suzanne Yankovoy,Thank you for your ideas. You are so willing to share!Elizabeth Royeton

Jennifer Smith-Green,Thank you for making me feel a little more sane! You were so comforting and encouraging at a time when I needed exactly what you shared with me. You are a wonderful and caring person!

Jeannette, Thank you for all the hard work you have done. Sharing your lesson plans and activities sheets...You are the best, or as the kids say, "You rock!"Anita

Elizabeth Ballenger,Thank you for buying the new weather vane!Tara Luttrell

Mr. Wu,Thank you for helping dig up the bulbs and making the area near the fish pond look great!Elizabeth Royeton

Thank you, Cissi, for being helpful in transitioning the tutoring kids to ASP. That has been helpful in "keeping track" of the kids. Naderia Hartley

Tara, I appreciate your organization and way of telling stories.Ronna


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