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Social Studies

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Thailand Culture with almost 95 percent of Thai’s being adherents of Theravada Buddhism it should come as little surprise to anyone that the country’s culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism. This is particularly true when it comes to Thai visual art, which traditionally is rich with images of Buddhism. Everywhere you go in Thailand, Buddha images from different periods and of distinctive styles can be found. Contemporary Thai art often combines traditional Thai elements with more modern techniques. Having an understanding of Thai culture will greatly enhance your visit to Thailand.


In Thailand, food forms a central part of any social occasions—and vice versa. That is, food often becomes the social occasion in itself, or reason to celebrate. This is partly due to the friendly, social nature of Thai people, but also because of the way in which food is ordered and eaten in Thailand. In the West, a “normal” restaurant meal consists of a starter followed by the main course and dessert, with each individual ordering only for him or herself. This is how Thai people wat usually when they go to restaurants.

Top picture: One of Thailand's amazing beachBottom picture: Thailand's National flower



The Thailand flag was officially adopted on September 28, 1917. Red is said to symbolize the blood of life, white the purity of the Buddhist faith, and blue the monarchy. The blue and white stripes were added to the flag during World War I. These represents each if the strips of the flag. This is Thailand's National Flag.

Thailand is rich in natural resources. Among the known mineral deposits are coal, gold, lead, tin, tungsten, manganese, zinc, and precious stones. The rich alluvial soil along the Chao Phraya and other rivers constitutes another important resource. Natural gas deposits were discovered offshore in the 1970s, reducing Thailand's reliance on imported petroleum. These are some resources that Thailand has a lot of, and what people use in their daily lives.

The cassia fistula tree's flowers form thick clusters while developing and are so plentiful that they cover the branches. Due to its appearance, this tree is also known as the golden shower tree. The pods from the tree are used in traditional medicines. The wood of the cassia fistula is particularly strong and solid, and it is used in buildings, mainly as pillars or poles. This tree is also native to tropical Asia, Central and South America, and Australia. But this flower is the National Flower of Thailand.


National Flower


Thai Food


Thailand is a sparkling diamond

National Animal

Biggest City

This is where Thailand is located

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