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(indent)There are many similarities and differences between hedgehogs and porcupines. Both animals have quills but they are different. Poracupines have detachable quills to shoot at their prey, whereas hedgehogs pull their skin tight, curling up in a ball, with their quills pointing outward.Both species have the same colors, but not all use the same colors. The colors that are on hedgehogs and porcupines are blacks, whites, grays, browns, and tans. Both have similar habitat, but they are a little different. The hedgehog lives in Asia, Africa, and Europe. The porcupines lives in Asia, Africa, and Europe too, likewise the hedgehog. The porcupine also lives in North America and South America. That is the difference between a hedgehog and porcupine.


(indent)In the following paragraph I will tell you how to clean a plastic hedgehog wheel. First place wheel open side up in the bottom of sink. Add warm water and soap in the open side of the wheel. Second, wet sponge and scrub outer rim of wheel. Then, scrub inside of wheel. Don’t forget to scrub outside part of the wheel too. Additionally rinse soap out of wheel with water. Then scrub one last time without soap. Finally dry wheel with towel. Then place back into cage. That is how you clean a plastic hedgehog cage.

(indent)In the following paragraph I will talk about two different types of hedgehogs. The salt and pepper hedgehog is mostly black and white. The quills are white with black at the roots. Most of the quills have black at the roots. The shoulder fur is black. The nose and eyes are also black. The Albino hedgehog is mostly white. The quills are all white with no root color. The skin and the nose are pink. Additionally the eyes are red. Likewise the quills, the face and fur is also white. In the paragraph above you learned about two different types of hedgehog.

Pets affect our happiness in many ways, but here are three ways. Pets make us happy on more than one way. Pets help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major cause of heart attacks and strokes. Most, but not all studies have linked pet owners to have lower blood pressure levels. The effect is modest, but could add up to a lower risk of heart attacks. Pets affect our emotional health too. Human are social animals. Social support networks are good for our health. While pets can never completely substitute for people, they can help. Pets even affect our stress. Mental stress boost both blood pressure and heart rate. Doctors have compared the stress response in pet owners and non pet owners, and have linked pets to reduce stress. That is three ways pets affect our happiness.


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By: Tesa Leatherberry

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