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State Flower:Bluebonnet

Population:26,488,193Land Area:261,797 sq miRank in Population:2/50Rank in size:2/50Major Cities:Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, AustinStatehood:Dec. 29, 1845Origin Indian word meaning friends

Nickname:Lone Star StateMotto:FriendshipBird:MockingbirdFish:Guadalupe BassMammal:LonghornSong:¨Texas, Our Texas¨Flower:BluebonnetTree:PecanFolk Dance:Square DanceFootwear:Cowboy Boots

Region, General Geography, & climate:Land:261,914 sq miWater:6,687 sq miHIghest point:8,749 ftLowest Point:where TExas meets the Gulf of MexicoMean Elevation:1,700 ft

Notable Individuals, Major Agricultural & Manufactured Products:People:~Lyndon Johnson ~Dwight Eisenhower~Joan Crawford~Katherine Anne Porter~Barbara Jordan~Audie Murphy~Sandra Day O' Connoretc.Products:cotton, onions, potatoes, mushrooms, pecans, peanuts, rice, cane, hay, wheat, cattle, sheep, lambs, turkeys

The Texas State flag have the standard color Reference of America. The Star and the color of Texas' state flag is the same as the colors on the U.S. flag. The one star stands for the ¨Lone Star State.¨ Red stands for ¨Old Glory Red.¨ Blue stands for ¨Old Glory Blue.¨ Texas State Flag stands for bravery, loyalty, and purity.

Famous Historical Sites, Landmarks, & places of Interest:~The Alamo~Six Flags~Texas State Capitol~San Antonio Missions~Texas State Cemetery~Moody Mansion~Bishop's Placeetc.

Other Interesting Facts:~The population of Texas is 26 million not including the 14 million cattle.~Texas has 3 of the top 10 popular cities in the U.S.~Texas has 215 cities in the state.


Hi! I'm Lyndon Johnson! Greetings from Texas!!!!

Texas State Flag

Important Historical Events:Aug. 8, 1812-The Gutierrez Hagee Expedition crossed the Sabine from Lousiana against Spanish rule in Texas.Oct. 28, 1835-Texans defeated 450 Mexicans at the Battle of Concepcion.Nov. 8, 1835-Texas won the Grass Fight and sadly got bundles of grass.Mar. 2, 1836-The Texas Declaration of Independence was signed.Nov. 1839-The Texas COngress first met in Austin.Aug. 11, 1840-Texas won the Battle of Plum Creek.Sept. 11, 1842-San Antonio was captured by 1,400 Mexican troops.Mar. 25, 1843-17 Texans were executed in the Black Bean Episode.


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