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Social Studies

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December 29th, 1845 Texas was classified to be the 28th state added to the U.S.A. Before this time Mexico had controlled the area until 1836 which it then became an independent republic. When Texas was a republic it had the territories of present day Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Even though Texas is a state today at any time we have the right to succed from the United States and become our own country again if ever need be of course.


State Nickname: Lone Star StateState Mammal: Texas LonghornState Small Mammal: ArmadilloState Song: "Texas, Our Texas"State Motto: FriendshipState Tree: Pecan State Bird: Mockingbird State Flower: Bluebonnet

Texas is quite a desireable place to live for more and more people are moving here. Texas has many things to offer that draw people in. Particularly people who are in search of job opportunities, cheaper land, lower tax rates, friendly people, big cities with promising prosperity, or just those who want to live a more down to earth life.


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