Texas Time Travel

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Texas Time Travel

Lipan Apache Human Landscape* became fierce fighters to survive against the other Native American tribes.* split into six different tribes that were spread across what is now the United States* one of the six bands of the Apaches* each band had a chief and was independent from the other five bands* the band only came together for times of war, or religious or social ceremonies* their clothing was made out of deer skin and buffalo hide* among the first Indians to ride horses, which were either stolen or traded with the Pueblos and the Spanish* used the horses to cover large areas of ground* often rode 100 miles in a single day

Texas Time Travel

Lipan Apache


* in the winter they wrapped themselves in layers of buffalo hide to stay warm* in the spring and summer women planted and harvested corn, beans, pumpkins, and watermelon* in the fall and winter they followed the buffalo* started to expand their territory and pushed other tribes out of their territories* had a war against the Comanches, which caused them to move south after 150 years of fightingLipan Apaches Physical Landscape:* lived in the Great Plains Region of Texas* the Great Plains were very flat with few hills* there was lots of grass for cattle, goats, and sheep* very little trees for coveragelied with the Mesaleros

The Lipan Apaches' human and physical landscape are interdependent because if they didn't live in the Great Plains biome (flat and dry) and instead lived in the rough terrains of the mountains, using the horses would have been a lot harder. They would not have been able to travel as quickly as they could on the flat plains.

My Physical Landscape:* The climate of Austin is humid, sub-tropical with hot summers and mild winters. * located by the Colorado River and the Balcones escarpment* situated between the Blandland Prairies and the Texas Hill Country* Sub-freezing temperatures occur about 25 days each year. * Daytime temperatures in the summer are hot withe highs over 90 degreesWe live in this region because of the numerous activities that are available for families such as swimming, hiking, and fishing. This allows us to spend time with our family members.

Comanche Human Landscape:* were hunters and gatherers because of the harsh environment they lived in* aquired horses from the Spanish and Pueblos in the late 1600s* left mountains to follow buffalos and became expert riders* used shields, lances, and bows and arrows to hunt the buffalo* became the most effective hunters, traders, warriors and diplomats in Texas* had chiefs, but the chiefs only had limited power* decisions could only be made if the band's counsel all agreed* the band was made up of adult males* there were two main groups of the Comanches: the Eastern Comances and the Western Comanches* the Comanche's entire way of life depended on the buffalo

* sometimes they attacked with a large group of up to 1,000 warriors, but mostly attacked in small bands that inflicted as much damage as possible.* the Comanches traded with the Pueblos and Caddos for grain to supplement their diet; they also traded for gunsComanche Physcial Landscape:* lived in the Great Plains Region of Texas* the Great Plains were very flat with few hills* in some places rivers carve out deep canyons* to the south, the terrain becomes more hilly* dry area excellent for grazing cattle, sheep & goatsThe Comanche's human and physical landscape are interdependent becuase of the amount of good vegetation in the area. Because of this vegetation, the buffalo will most likely roam towards this area, causing the Commanches to follow since their entire way of life depends on the buffalo.


My Current Life

My Human Landscape:* I live in a two-story house that holds five people* My two parents are the ones in charge* Our clothes are bought in stores* We use our air-conditioner to stay warm in the winter and to stay cool in the summer* When we need to travel somewhere very far away, or get there quickly, we drive a car or take an airplane* Our methods of getting food are going to the grocery store, and occassionally hunting deer or hog with a gun or a bow & arrow* My entire extended family comes together for parties and celebrations* We have modern technology that allows us to understand things that we did not know before - the tribes had to figure it out the "harder" way


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