Texas Prehistory

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Texas Prehistory

Late Prehistoric Period(A.D. 700-1600)This period introduced the bow & arrow, pottery, and other distinctive stone tools. Sedentary villages and a social hierarchy marked the beginning of a break with the past. Long distance trade became widespread, with trade stretching from Idaho to Mexico.

Historic Period (after A.D. 1600)This period marked the beginning of the end of the Texas Indian cultures due to the intrusion of Apache & Comanche groups and the introduction of Spanish mission system.

Discovering Texas' PrehistoryArcheologists have been excavating Texas since the 1900s. The data they collect is based on the context in which the object was found. The primary cultural remains found in sites are stone tools.

Paleo-Indian Period(9200-6000 B.C.)The earliest known inhabitants of Texas can be linked to the Clovis Complex of New Mexico by the presence of the Clovis tools throughout North Texas. Climates began to change from that of the Ice Age to that of modern times during this period.

Archaic Period(6000 B.C.-700 A.D.)This period is characterized by hunting and gathering. This period can be divided into Early, Middle, Late, & Transitional eras that are represented by changes in cultural patterns. Many rock sites date from this period.

Texas Prehistory

Mammoths were a food source for Paleo-Indian Texans


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