Texas horned lizard

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Texas horned lizard

Texas Horned Lizard

Physical CharacteristicsThe texas horned lizard has a flat wide body.2 large horns sprout out on the top of their head like a crown.They can be 3-6 inches long and are about the size of your hand. 2 rows of pointed scales line their back for armour.

AdaptationsThe texas horned lizard has a cool adaptation that blood vessel in its eye contract and the eye swells and the blood vessel birsts and a stream of blood shoots out of the corner of their eye. It can do this 6 times an attack.

Video. Cool action.Click to watch.

The lizard lives in sandy desert plains.It lives mostly in Arizona or nNew Mexico.The horned lizard lives on hiils sides of mountains or on steep slopes and flat plains. It likes warm moist air and not much plants.

The blood from the texas horned lizard startles its attack and gives it time to make a quick getaway.

Nicholas Cranston

When the texas horned lizard eats it usually eats ants. It sits by a ant hole and waits for a ant to walk by and then. . ."BAM!", it scoops up the ant with its tounge and ats it. It must eat about 2,500 ant a day because they are so small.

The texas horned lizard is also called the horny toad because of its flat round like body and when it sits it looks like a toad squatting. The lizard is a endangerd speices and when they are in a group it is called a lounge.

They can be the size of your hand or even bigger


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