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Texas Guinan

TEXAS GUINAN(Emerson Elya)

FACTS:Texas Guinan was famous for being an actress during the prohibition and starred as Queen at the night clubs. Texas Guinan was born in Waco, Texas. Before her fame Texas was in plays such as Bob white and the Gay Musician! Texas came super close to becoming the most succesful cowgirl star! Texas real name was actually Mary but later changed it! It was actually in the lucky year of 1924 that Texas Guinan got her big break! She performed as a mitress at the cerimonies at a party following a show at the New York's Winter Garden. Texas Guinan later died at the age of 49 on November 5, 1933. Her final words were "I would rather have a square inch of New York than all the rest of the world." and she ment it.

QUOTES:"A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country."

FUN FACT:It was during Texas Guinan's Western Tour that she became ill and died.


"Hello Suckers"

Texas G.

Texas G.




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