Texas Frontier

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Texas Frontier

Click here to learn about life on the trail and take the role of "Trail Boss".

The Texas Frontier

Discover the growth and development of the cattle industry in Texas. Learn about the cattle drives, the invention of barbed wire, and people who influenced the economy of Texas.

Joseph Glidden:Inventor of Barbed Wire

Read about brands and create your own. Explain the reasons for your design.

Click on the map and study the cattle trails. Where do each of them end? Click here, and find out why.

After watching the video, create two speech bubbles to represent a farmer's and rancher's view on the use of barbed wire on the open range.

Lizzie Johnson Williams

Gail Borden

Richard King

Charles Goodnight

Click on each picture/ video and learn about each person's contribution to Texas. Then, assign a character trait to each one. Support your answers with at least three reasons.

Life on the Trail

If you were on the cattle drive, what role would you take? Why?

Changes to the Trail

Listen to the song, "Get Along, Little Dogie". What are “little dogies”? Where were they born? What time of year are they traveling? What is their final destination?

Click here to learn about the wages of each member of the cattle drive. Based on the diagram above, what is the total cost for a 2 month cattle drive?

What was the total sale between M.A. Withers and Tabor/Rodabush?

Vocabulary barbed wire cattle drive open range longhorn brand

Listen for “cowboy lingo” and define the following words, using context clues: Cookie, chuck box, fly, boot, and footboard


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