Texas Church Arsonists

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Texas Church Arsonists

Police caught the two men because they found DNA evidence in one out of 10 fires. the only other physical evidence was a shoe print left at the scene

Fast Facts - Two 20 year old men burned down 10 churches in east Texas between January and February of 2010. - Police first knew it was arson when they saw that one of the church doors had been left open

Texas Church Arsonists

[8] One texas church up in flames

[7] Bourque and McAllister in court.

Jason Robert Bourque cannot clearly remember 9 out of 10 fires. He was mixing Chantix, an anti smoking drug, with Prozac, his anti-depressant. he claims it clouded his judgement and he just did what McAllister told him to do.

Fire Fighters attempt to put out one of the fires. [3]

Daniel George McAllister(Left) and Jason Robert Bourque's photos. [1]

No lives were lost in these fires, and not one person was injured.

Both men plead guilty in december of 2010. one recieved 5 life sentences for arson and 3 twenty year sentences for attepted arson. the other recieved 2 twenty year sentences.

The motive to light the churches into flames still remains unidentified.

Cause of the fires were originally thought to be faulty outlets

The actual causes of the fires were stacked hymnals (song books) and other flammable materials that were later ignited by the arsonists.

[5] A shot from the movie that depicts what happened during the texas church fires


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