Texas A&M Bonfire of 1999

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Texas A&M Bonfire of 1999

Texas A&M Bonfire of 1999

It was the Texas A&M Aggies including the Twelve who have fallen:The 12 Aggies who lost their lives in the 1999 collapse were:Miranda Denise Adams ‘02Christopher D. Breen ‘96Michael Stephen Ebanks ‘03Jeremy Richard Frampton ‘99Jamie Lynn Hand ‘03Christopher Lee Heard ‘03Timothy Doran Kerlee, Jr ‘03Lucas John Kimmel ‘03Bryan A. McClain ‘02Chad A. Powell ‘03Jerry Don Self ‘01Nathan Scott West ‘02

About 2:30 in the morning of november 18th . After the Aggies beat the Longhorns.

A picture of the Bonfire.

By: Alec Ohnheiser

The Aggies built the Bonfire to celebrate their “Burning Desire” to beat the Texas Longhorns

The Bonfire Happened In College Station at the Texas A&M University

How it was Built : Each person built a stack loading logs and wood and many other objects that they burnedHow it Collapsed : The base shifted sending the whole tower to descend crashing to the ground killing 12 people and injuring another 27 people

BONFIRE- A bonfire is when something is burned usually by celebrating something. The bonfire was an Aggie Tradition. (ex:) An outhouse representing a T.U. frat house tops off the 1995 bonfire, which announces the Aggies’ burning desire to defeat their arch rival in football the Texas Longhorns (T.U.) A few minutes after 2:30 the morning of November the 18th the bottom stacks of the bonfire collapsed. The 18 foot logs, which were wired together stood perpendicular to the ground to the center base. Three more stacks of these logs stood up to be about 59 feet tall, stair stepped like a wedding cake. Each tier rested on top of the one below it, so when the tower shifted, over a million pounds of logs was sent to the ground. That day 12 aggies died and injured 27 more. Everyone of the aggie tradition has remembered this moment since it had happened.

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