Tevin Harper: Space Sun Sheild

by MSTech001
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Tevin Harper: Space Sun Sheild

RELEVENCEIt is good to know so you can be aware of what is going on and how it works. It is also good to be prepared cause something might happen that you are not aware of and people need to act fast to change there ways. This global warming thing is an act of our behavior and if we somehow don’t control our behavior it will kill us and everything on our planet. If globe-warming keeps going up like it is going up know we will have to try even more methods of trying to stop it. Like right now we have a problem with polar bears because now the government is watching them, which is right above the endangered list. If we have stop global warming then we will live longer. So we don’t help the global warming get worse with these new ideas that are trying be made and work. There is also too much CO2 in the air right now. We also have to know what to except.

Design BriefThe proble we have right now is that the sun is to hot and we have no way of controling it. The solution is to put lenses in space orbitting the planet the will break up the sus raz into space therefor making the planet much cooler than it is now.

1. I will use a light reflection echings using a lager laser, smoke, light and a bigger lense.2. Drop a cradle of lenses from big tower and see if they are not damaged.3. Demonstrate MEMs technology at NASA's microdevices laboratory.4. See if the lenses can stand against large amounts of g forces.5. The lenses will be launched from a coil gun into space.

Design SpecificationsMake the lenses.Launch Lenses into spacePositon them correctly around the earthWait for the earth to shows that it is getting coolerThe earth is cooler



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