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Long Term Effects: Increased levels of testosterone can lead to Type 2 Diabetes (5)

NCAA Testing Testosterone Testing: --NCAA examines the ratio of testosterone-epitestosterone Normal ratio: 1:1 Too High: 6:1**NCAA will then retest to see if ratio changes-If ratio fluctuates up or down from initial testing, the athlete is positive for synthetic testosterone. -If ratio stays the same, the athlete will be allowed to participate since this indicates natural testosterone.*If caught with a 6:1 ratio: athlete will be suspended from competition for 1 year--Each school has their own rules and regulations pertaining to testosterone abuse. (1)

Adverse Effects of Overdose (9)-Blurred vision-Headache-Seizures-Left Ventricular Hypertrophy-Slurred Speech-Sudden/Severve Inability to Speak-Temporary Blindness-Sudden to Severe Weakness-Acne-Fluid Retention-Increased Urination-Breast Enlargement-Decreased Testicular Size

TestosteroneAnabolic Agent (7)

Healthy Testosterone Levels:Average Adult Male: 270-1070 ng/dLAverage Adult Female: 15-70 ng/dL(2)

Testosterone levels are checked via blood tests

**2014-2015 NCAA BANNED DRUG**(7)

When testing, it is difficult to differentiate between synthetic and natural testosterone (1)

Benefits of Healthy Testosterone Levels: (3) 1) Healthy Heart & Blood2)Less Fat, More Muscle (3,6)3) Stronger Bones4) Improved Libido5) Improved Mood

Chemical Structure (8)--Cholesterol Based --Lipid Soluble--Natural and Synthetic Hormone


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Benefits ofTestosterone:Can provide physiological and psychological benifits during exercise (4)

Forms of taking testosterone (10)1)Solution2)Gel3)Powder4)Injection5)Patch (ex. arm)6)Ointment7)Cream8) Pill

0.8% of people naturally have a high ratio of 6:1 testosterone-epitestosterone (1)

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