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Tessie's Technology Territory

Mrs. Thorne-RCCA teacher_loves to snowboard

By the second unit of my first class, Digital Story Telling, I was able to incorporate Power Point Skills into a Widnows Mideia file to create a more indepth video about me.

This video was my first adventure into the digital world of storytelling. I choose a pea pod for my image because I feel that I started my Graduate courses like a tiny larva in its cocoon and as I progress through each course I am growing developing and changing into a better educator.

A final project for both my students and myself involved a 4-week, intensive involvement in the creation of a digital story.

The wide variety of ways that my teaching skills have been stretched, will only extend as far as I am willing to reach out and "click."

I am starting my fifth Wilkes University Graduate course tomorrow. By December I will be half way towards earning my Master's in Educational & Instructional Media. The technology trek has just begun!

...digital natives in the making... a drawing scanned, uploaded and accessed via the computer


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