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terrybrown wright brothers

Enter your project dthe boys were good students, neither graduated from high school. (Not many did in those days, actually.) Wilbur was hit in the face with a baseball bat when he was a teenager and suffered from irregular heartbeats the rest of his life. He stayed at home for awhile, during which time their mother developed tuberculosis (which, at that time, was a devastating disease with no known cure). Wilbur recovered himself and then stayed at home to care for his mother. Orville left high schoolon his own, to start a printing business. He and Wilbur designed a printing press that worked very well. The two later sold the printing business and opened a bicycle shop. They were both very good mechanics and could fix just about anything anyone asked them to fix. (They inherited this skill and desire from their mother, who was the family mechanic.escription

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right brother The boys continued to be interested in mechanical things and flightw. Orville 16 sold kites at school to make money. Wilbur started reading all he could about how birds flew and machines worked. and Wilbur's fascination with flight began with a present their father gave them—a flying toy. It had a paper body and other parts made of cork and bamboo. rubber bands provided the power. The young boys (7 and 11) were thrilled to make the little toy fly across the room, so much so that they broke it. They remembered how it looked, though, and promised each other that someday they would fly in the air, just like the little toy



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