Terrorism in the UK

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Terrorism in the UK

Terrorism in the United Kingdom

Current Issues- There was an attempt to blow up the queen after the Prime Minister announced that he was going to order an attack on Syria.- Six attempts to launch terrorist outrage in Britain over the last 6 months. -The British government has also suffered from cyber attacks, their government has been attacked many times by hackers all around the world. - The Prime Minister tried to limit the terrorist attacks by sending troops to Syria, but failed because of the lack of votes.- Many Syrian prisoners are moving to Britain, which increases the chances of terrorist attacks in the UK.

Terrorism:Due to 9-11 Musims or mid-eastern descendents were already discriminated upon. But in 7-7 4 Muslim suicide bombers had attacked the London transportation system. 3 bombs went off on the London underground subway and a hour later 1 blew up a double-decker bus. Due to which the discrimination increased (Islamophobia). An innocent Brazilian electritian was shot dead by the police who was mistakenly considered responsible for the attacks because he resembled as a Paki, Jamaican, or Middle Eastern descent. That incident tensed everyone about security from the terror attack because race & ethnicity had blinded well-trained police officers into making terrible mistakes.

Targeted areas by terrorists

Policy and Impacts- The government has created drills for both schools and the police to take percaution in these situations.- The citizens have taken percautions and planned ahead incase of an immediate attack, that demonstrates what procedures to take. - There is still alittle bit of tension of discrimination. The people could be mistakenly considered terrorists.- Also to tighten up security.

Current policy and its impact


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I want YOU to learn about terrorism!!

MAP of the location of the 4 bombings

How the government confronts terrorism

There is NO main supernational influence but the UN contributes by helping to prevent wars. Because terrorism leads to country conflicts which leads to war.


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