[2014] WCrispin (CHV2Oa): Terrorism

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[2014] WCrispin (CHV2Oa): Terrorism


Terrorist group ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Seria) is currently a global threat to countries around the world.

Terrorists are killing citizens and threatining the well being

Who this social issue effects...

What is the social issue...

If you suspect terrorist acts among those in your community inform your local government of the issue.

What can be done to help the cause...

Its really became an issue after the attacks on 911. Even to us canadians, the global threat that was caused by 911 is very deep and still haunts today. With a group like ISIS they are trying to brainwash childern and members of other countries to do un human like acts againts society.

When did it become an issue

Where is it more prevalent

It is very impactive on childern living in countries like Iran or afghahnistan where they force their children into the millary.

Terrorism is such an important issue for the fact that it threatins the lives of adults and children alike.

Why is it such an important issue.

Can we as citizens educate people and make them aware of the issue.

We can remind children of the events at the world trade center on september 11, 2001 so they keep in mind how serious this issue really is.

It corupts our childern and adults everywhere.


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