Terrestrial Biomes

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Terrestrial Biomes

Common Animals: Moose, Lynx Bear, Wolverine and Foxes etc.Common Plants: Carniferous, Pines,Oaks,Maple,Elm Trees.Location: North America & Eurasia, close to the Artic

Taiga Biome

Tundra Biome

Location:Africa, Southeast of Asia and South AmericaCommon Plants:thousands of typed of flowering plantsCommon Animals:Hummingbirds,Monkeys, Snakes, Frogs, three-toed sloths etc.

Common Animals: Snakes, Lizard,Trantulas, Tingo, Porcupine and CoyotesCommont plants: Cactus, Shrubs, Cardon,Camel Thorn Tree,Prickly Pear, SaguaroLocation:North & South America, Africa, Asia & Australia

Climate:From 32 degrees Farenheit at night & 113 degrees Farenheit at day

Tropical rain forest Biome


Interesting FactsDessert: A famous dessert biome called Death Valley.Tropical Rainforest Biome: The plants there the roots arent in the grass but sticking out of it.Tundra Biome: The youngest known biome, less than 10,000 yrs oldTaiga Biome: Has very long winters and summers are short & cold in temperature

Climate:From 64 to 72 degrees Farenheit and in winter -14 degrees Farenheit

Location: Situated near the North Pole in the Artic CircleCommon Plants: artic moss, caribou moss, willow, labrado tea, pasque flower etc.Common Animals: The same as those in the polar biome

Desert Biome

Climate:Around 80 degrees Farenheit, there is very high humidity from 77% to 88%

Climate:Average annual temperatures is - 58 degrees farenheit


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