Terracotta Army

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Terracotta Army

Terracotta army

Qin's tomb itself remains unexcavated, though Siam Qian's writings suggest even greater treasures."The tomb was filled with models of palaces, pavilions and offices as well as fine vessels, precious stones and rarities," reads a translation of the text.

BiographyArchaeologists estimate the pits may contain as many as 8,000 figures.farmers were in a field and stumbled upon a pit containing 6,000 life-size terra cotta statues in March 1974. The site was soon identified as the burial place of Emperor QinZheng. he took the throne in 246 B.C. at the age of 13. By 221 B.C.he starrt it shortly took over when he took the throne.More than 700,000 laborers worked on the project, which was halted in 209 B.C. amid uprisings a year after Qin's death

Fun FactsEach face of the terracotta army was different.Some people took pictures of the terracotta army to anilize them and see if they were alldifferent.

WEAPONS OF TERROCOTTA ARMYThe pits containing the Terra Cotta Warriors, archaeologists have found some 40,000 bronze weapons, including battle axes, crossbows, arrowheads and spears. Even after more than 2,000 years, these weapons remained extremely well preserved.The lack of wear on the metal pieces suggests the weapons were never used in actual battle, but were instead built for the tomb for the protection for the emperior.


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