Term 2 English Project

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Social Studies
World War I

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Term 2 English Project

A Lone Pine Tree is a tree that stood strong and proud while WW1 accured just like the soldiers do. In 20yrs time we will have our own Lone Pine Tree standing strong and proud on ANZAC day the same way, with a time capsul full of letters to unknown soldiers benethe it.

An unknown soldier is a soldier, who is unknown, unamed and unfound.You can change this!

Be apart of this wonderful cause and make history in our very own school. So please write a letter and make a soldier happy.

Sighed Year 5

By writing one letter one soldier will have the joy and happiness of knownig that somebody does care and love them.

St benedict's,The pain that Australians go through everyday defending our country is unthinkable. Some of these soldiers don't even get a letter or gift from their family. Be apart of a cause and write a letter to an unknown soldier.

Whether they're big or small, or old. After these letters will be buried next t the Lone Pine Tree i at a special ceremony. Think of how you'd feel if you'd been fighting war and got been no letters or gifts? If you don't want people to feel this way unite with the community and write a letter to Australia's hero's.


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