[2015] QIXIN HAN: Teresa Teng

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[2015] QIXIN HAN: Teresa Teng

Teresa Teng

Teresa Teng is chinese.She was born in Yunlin,Taiwan on January 29 1953.

Teresa Teng started her singing life since5 years old.In 1965 she had first record,when she was 12 years old.

Teresa Teng wanted to sing in Japan.So she try her best in studying Japanese in 1973.However,she can speak and communlate in Japanses fluently just in 6 months after she went to Japan.

This is my favaurite muise

In 1979 she held her first solo concert in the US,and then Canada

She left us on MAY 8th 1995,because of an asthma disease in Thailand,at the age 42.


Teresa Teng's career reached its peak at the end of the 1980s.




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