Tequila Worm

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Tequila Worm

The gym teacher helps Sofia overcome racism by showing all the kids it is okay to be different. One example of this is, "It wasn't that the tacos weren't good, it was that some kids called Mexican Americans beaners, so the last thing I need was to stand out like a big huge stupid sign"(Canale 37). This is because, when you are in middle school you try to fit in and not be "different". The kids found an oppurtunity to pick on someone who was eating something "different". Another example of this is, "It wasn't long after my lunches with Coach Clarke that some of the other Mexican American kids started eating their food in the open too. And sometimes when I pulled out my lunch, I got offers to trade for sandwiches"(Canales 40).This shows that after Coach Clarke kids realized it is cool to bring tacos and other Mexican food to school.

Some lessons Sofia learned to embrace her culture are the tequila worm and her tacos. An example of this is, "Everything from Mexico- including tequila-has worms. So why don't you and your morbid saints wiggle back across the boarder"(Canales 146). This is because, some people thought it was weird to have a tequila worm and the saints in her worm but Sofia knew it was apart of her culture and she should just embraced it. Another example of this is, "She also told me, 'Part of 'kicking' that girl is to eat your tacos proudly, and right in the middle of the cafeteria.' That year I kicked that girl in all my classes and sports, especially soccer"(Canales 40). This is because, if it wasn't for that girl who made fun of Sofia's tacos then she wouldn't have 'kicked' her and Sofia would have never gotten into St. Luke's.

In the beginning of the novel Sofia didn't like where she lived, and by the end she was very passionate of where she came from. In the beginning Sofia stated, " I wish we ived on the other side of town. Because they live in nice houses, and they're warm" (Canales 35). This is because, Sofia thinks living on the other side of town is nice and perfect but she doesn't realize how much culture she would be missing out on. By the end of the novel, "As for the old house, I had it torn down too, but there I created a little space"(Canales 197). This shows that Sofia cares about where she came from and she wants her burro back to how it use to be.

The Tequila WormWritten by Viola CanalesBy Sophie Gratchner

"It had taken years, many years, for me to finally see the true meaning of becoming a good comadre. The first glimmer of this was after Papa died so suddenly"(Canales 198).


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