Tequila Worm

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Tequila Worm

Sofia's Feelings about her neighborhood change throughout the novel. In the beginning of the novel Sofia states "I wish we lived on the other side of town" "Because they live i nice houses and they're warm," This shows that she feels that living in the barrio would be more difficult then living on the other side of town. Later in the txt Sofia says, "But... it's really cold at home, and most of the homes around us are falling apart," Sofia says this because it seems like she does not enjoy some things about the barrio, even though it is her home.

Novel Written By: Viola Canales

The actions of the gym teacher helps Sofia overcome racism. This is because the gym teacher told Sofia in the beginning of the novel that, "By kicking her butt at school, by beating her in english, math, everything- even sports." This shows that Coach Clarke wants Sofia to push herself and try her very hardest be better then the girl who bullied her earlier. So later in the novel the gym teacher tells Sofia that, "Part of 'kicking that girl' is to eat your tacos proudly, right in the middle of the cafeteria," The also shows that Coack Clarke is helping Sofia by giving her advice to work up Sofia's self-confidence. And so, that year, Sofia 'kicked that girl in all their classes, and the sports, but ESPECIALLY soccer.

TheTequila Worm

By:Sydney Lehfeldt

In the novel, Sofia learns lessons that help her embrace her culture. In the beginning of the novel Coach Clarke helps by saying, "Part of 'kicking that girl' is too eat your tacos proudly, and right in the middle of the cafeteria," Which is stated in my first paragraph. This quote shos that the coach wants Sofia to learn that she shouldn't be embarressed to eat something different in the cafeteria. Then, much farther in the novel, Marcos sends a card to Sofia saying, " Sofia, you kicked that girl good! And for all of us!" This helps because earlier in the novel, Terry wrote a hate letter about Sofia's culture, and Sofia wrote hate mail back to Terry and embraced her culture in that way. So, Sofia learned that it doesnt matter what Terry or ANYONE thinks about her culture, it's about how she embraces it.


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