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How does it work?The tent folds up much like an accordion, as shown in the video. Also everything is compact so you can transport it places. The tent can house up to four people (in sleeping position) and is able to insulate through hot and cold temperatures.

By:Heidi Laubsnestiwujas00katvalbuena

What is a NASA Spinoff?A NASA Spinoff is a piece of technology originally designed for official use at NASA, but was later repurposed/adapted for other uses on Earth. Nowadays, many use them for commercial and industrial purposes. Take memory foam, for example. Memory foam was originally designed to cushion a pilot's landing, but is now used in beds and pillows for comfort.

Make Your World a Better Place With a Spinoff

What Spinoff Technology does it use?The outer material is made from the phase-change material NASA originally designed for spacesuits, but is now used for clothing and sportswear.The insulators we used are the reflective insulators made from aluminum coated plastic originally used for space equipment but is now being used as commercial insulation.

How does it make the world a better place?Currently, in our hometown of Vancouver, WA, and the closest major city, Portland, OR, there is a major homelessness crisis going on. Many have resorted to sleeping on the streets, or in terrible environments. This tent could provide a cheap, better environment, along with heating and cooling using the insulators.

Also, in the Middle East and parts of Europe, there is a major refugee crisis going on because of war, catching the attention of international officials. This tent could provide cheap shelter to the many without homes, and also provide mobile structures.

What does it do?Our Spinoff is a lightweight, durable,and compact tent. This Spinoff allows you to shelter the homeless, and provide housing for the refugees in the Middle East and Europe, while saving space and cost.



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    best one yet, i really like this idea, it will help the world.

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    a;so is a big problem where i live that people really need

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    bra bra bra bra bra bra

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    Great job guys keep working at it!

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    good job i hope you win

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