Tenskwatawa - The Prophet of the Shawnee

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Tenskwatawa - The Prophet of the Shawnee

Tenskwatawa- The Prophetof the Shawnee

The prediction:Tenskwatawa was never all that grand until he foretold the solar eclipse. Well, he really could not predict anything. Nobody really knows how Tenskwatawa and Tecumseh came to learn of the solar eclipse. Once they did learn of it Tecumseh knew just how to use it to help him. He got Tenskwatawa to predict the eclipse; once he did, he became known as the Prophet. With that Tenskwatawa became liked people listened to him he convincede them to join in military action and fight the Americans.

Battle of Thames- October 1813 took place in present day Ontario. It was The British(lead by Henry Proctor) allied with The Indian Confederacy(Tecumseh's men) against The Americans. The Americans crushed its opponent forcing them to retreat and in the processes of this Tecumseh was killed.

Tenskwatawa(Open door)` was born into the Shawnee tribe in the year 1775. His orginal name was Lalawethika(The Noise Maker) He renamed himself after . He grew up without parents so he greatly depended on his siblings to teach him the ways of the Shawnee. However, he was not very close with his siblings he did not learn essencail skills that he depended on; thus, making him an outcast. He then turned to acohal. One day he fell into a trance and claims to have been visited by a spirit that told him to get rid of all eurpean products. He turned the tribe against the whites. He soon renamed himsef Tenskwatawa and was respected.

Shawnee This tribe is indiginous to Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Unlike other tribes the spirit they followed was a woman. She was called Our Grandmother. This Spirit taught them to honor her and haw to behave. She would sometimes appear to them in forms of wolf , eagle, bear, or deer. In addtion to their spiritual guide they had spiritual figures controlling weather. Three figures, Four Winds, Thunderbirds, and Cyclone Person. Thunderbirds controlled lightning and thunder. And Cyclone Person controlled tornados.

Battle of Tippecanoe- took place in 1811 in attempt to regain land back from the U.S. William henry Harrison quickly turned the tables on the battle. Harrison confronted Tenskwatawa and Tecumseh at Prophetstown. Shawnee were attacked and homes were burned . Tenskwatawa fled to Canada

Tenkswatawa(left ) and his brotherTecumseh , the Shawnee chief (right)

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