Tennis in China

by machacha123
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Tennis in China


Tennis is a fun way to stay healthy and work up a sweat.The parts of the body that tennis works out are your shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs, calves, quads, glutes, and back muscles. These are the main muscles, but tennis works out pretty much every muscle in your body depending on how hard you work out and how long you are on the court.Tennis is also a new and exciting way to be more social and get patner skills with your teammate.Talking and interacting before, during and after the game.

My Thoughts

1. Develops hand-eye cordination. In the game you have to watch the ball and predict where it is going.2. I'ts a year long sport. No matter time of year it is, you can always play tennis3. The game is mentally challenging causing you to think on the spot improving learning abilities.

Tennis is benificial for many reasons but most importantly it is because it is healthy and social.

Why you should play.

My opinion on tennis is that it is a really hands on game. It requires being quick with thinking, your hands, and feet. Making a very challenging game. If I did play tennis I think i would be an okay player. It of course would be challenging at first learning the ups and downs of tennis, but I feel as if i would quickly get the hang out it.

MaKayla Conners 8thE1

We all know sports are healthy for you.... But most don't know how for example, for kids tennis helps develop learning skills and improve bone growth and immune systems. We also know that sports help social skills but we never really knew how. For teens tennis helps self confidence and build friendships between other players or other people with the same interests.Again, we know most sports are challenging, but some sports are more challenging than we think. For example in tennis you are not only challenging you muscles but you are also challenging your mind by figuring out where the ball is going, where you have to be to hit it, how your going to hit it and so much more.



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