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TennesseeBy:Eva Rowin

In this paragraph you will hear about fantastic cities in Tennessee. So get ready for a trip. The Capital and Cities. Nashville is the capital and is a city. In 1928 the first seeing eye dog Buddy was helpful to a man named Morris Frank who was blind. Memphis was the first city ever to have a piggly wiggly. There population is at least 675,000 people the last time I checked. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed in Memphis Tennessee. Chattanooga, Spaniard Juan Pardo built several forts around Chattanooga including Chattanooga. Did you like the information, Because if so hang tight to hear more!

This paragraph is gonna be filled with extraordinary information about amazing Lakes, Rivers, Mountains, and a National Park. Hope you enjoy. Rivers, there are a lot of different rivers in Tennessee. But i'm only gonna name five, here they are. Buffalo River, Clinch River, Clumberland River Duck River, and Elk River. Now here is information about Lakes. Clingmans dome, Blue ridge region and the highest point is 6643 feet tall. Reelfoot lake North western, Largest lake. People go there to hike, fish, and bird watch. Fall creek falls, 256 feet tall, tallest free fall, and is near the Mississippi river. It is also a National park. Last but not least Mountains. There are at least eighteen Mountains in Tennessee, but i'm only gonna name four. Mount le conte, Lookout Mountain, Roan Mountain, Cove Mountain, and Thunderhead Mountain. Thats a wrap for that amazingly cool paragraph and hope you read further.

Tennessee has a lot of natural resources, but im only gonna name the ones I think are amazing. Tennessee has about fifteen valuable forests because of their natural resources but theres stuff more valuable in Tennessee and i'm gonna tell you about it. Under the grounds of soils in the east, you may find Marble, Pyrite, and Zinc. In central Tennessee you can find Limestone and Zinc. Did you know Tennessee has a state rock? LIMESTONE!!! Which was found in big sizes thats when they declared it as their state rock. Officially in 1979. Tennessee has fertile soils and abundance of a lot of minerals. You usually find those in Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region. That was my paragraph about natural resources and if you enjoyed that, read the next paragraph.

Tennessee's Tourism is so magnificent, you will totally want to go there. So pack your bags and get ready for a trip. Tennessee’s aquarium is the worlds largest freshwater aquarium and it is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It has more than 10,000 aquatic animal species. The famous country star Dolly Parton never did forget her Tennessee roots, and this attraction is about her. It includes Crafts, Music, and Rides. Also its located near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Graceland is a place where Elvis Presleys 23-room mansion is located. It is the most visited attraction in the U.S. Now don’t you think that was pretty cool, if so read in tio here more info.

My nickname is the Volunteer State.

I am the amazing state flower the Iris. I was designated state flower in 1933

Im the state tree Tulip poplar. They picked me because I was used extensively by Tennessee pioneers

I'm the state bird and im a Mockingbird officially picked as state bird in 1933

I am the state flag. Tennessee picked me because I represents their home.

My Homeland is me the state song. I was picked to represent thats their homeland.

Tennessee usually has humid temperatures. It never rises to 100 degrees fahrenheit or 10 degrees fahrenheit. Tennessee summers are mild and hot but people get rewarded by getting freezing winters. The colonies from america gained their independence from great britain in 1783 and Tennessee became apart of the USA

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Want to know the state animal? The amazing raccon


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