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The Tennessee state flag was designed by a man named LeRoy Reeves. This flag was offically adopted on April 17, 1905.

TennesseeBy: Timothy Chen

Tennessee was discovered by a spainish explorer named Hernado de Soto. Two other men, Tristan de Luna in 1559, and Juan Pardo in 1567 also, explored Tennesse.



The origin of Tennessee's name was named after, a Cherokee indian village called, Tanasi. Tanasi means river in Cherokee language.

Tennessee State Capital

State SymbolsBird: MockingbirdFish: Largemouth Bass and Channel CatfishMammals: Racoon and Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee has warm summers and mild winters. It has mountains, valleys, flat lands, caves, rivers, mud, rocks,and others.Tennessee also, has 6 major regions.

Mocking Bird

Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee State Flag


MemphisMemphis is another major city of Tennessee. Memphis is also the Largest city in Tennessee and is named, the oasis of the entire south. It is located in the southwest corner of Tennessee. This city was named after another place called Memphis in Egypt. In Egyptian language Memphis means, place of good residence. But, Memphis is also home to, the Mall of Memphis. And the Mall of Memphiss equals, more homocides, rapes, theft, & kidnappings than anywhere else in the U.S.

Nashville:Nashville is a major city of Tennessee as well as Tennessee's state capital. It is also called "Music City U.S.A. Nashville got the nickname when in 1925, the establishment of radio station WSM and its launch of the broadcas called the Grand Ole Opry secured Nashville's reputation as a musical center and after, Nashville was called Music City.

Major Cities of Tennessee

Famous Site: Beale Street Landmark: The Great Smoky Mountains (Background)Place of Interest: Memphis Zoo

State SymbolsFlower: IrisTree: Iris TreeNickname: Volunteer StateMotto: Agriculture and CommerceSong: My Homeland, Tennessee


Major Agriculture: Corn, cotton, tobacco, and wheatManufactured Products: Cotton cloth, paint, and transportation.

Morgan FreemanHe was born on June 1st 1937. Freeman is a famous American actor.

Notable Individuals

John AdamsAdams is the 2nd prsidentof the U.S. Also, our counties 1st vice president.


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