Ten Years of a Nation

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Ten Years of a Nation

DAVID LAMARInterim PresidentMar - Oct 1836Along with Mexican president, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, signed the treaty making Texas a free republic.

"Ten Years a Nation" Timeline Dates

MIRABEAU LAMARDec 1838 - Dec 1841Called the "father of Texas education”, he passed an act setting aside land for public schools and two universities, plusfounded the new capital of Texas in Austin.

ANSON JONESDec 1844-Feb 1846During his term Texas was annexed by the United States and he declared “the Republic of Texas is no more.”

1836Mar 3The Texas Declaration of Independence officially establises the Republic of Texas.

1837-1839Republic CurrencyTexas currency is issued as an interest-bearing promissary notes from 1837-1839.

1836Feb 23 - Mar 6The siege of the Alamo lasts 13 days.

1841Sante FeExpedition An attempt by Texas to claim the Sante Fe area that became a conflict with Mexico.

1842The Archive War An attempt to move government archives from Austin to Houston to protect them from Mexico.

1840Aug 11-12Battle ofPlum CreekThe white man defeat the Comanche, pushing them farther to the west.

1843Mier Expedition Members are taken prisoner by the Mexican army and forced to draw white & black beans from a pot - the 17 who draw black beans are executed.

Nov 1839Republic CongressThe first Austin session of this body occurs.

1837The United States recognizes Texas as an independent nation.

SAM HOUSTON1st President of the Texas RepublicServed Two TermsOct 1836 - Dec 1838December 1841-December 1844He was known as "Old San Jacinto"

Presidents of the Republic

1836May 19A large force of Comanche warriors, plus Kiowa & Kichai allies attack Fort Parker, taking Cynthia Ann Parker captive.

1845 - 1846German ImmigrantsThousands of German immigrants come to Texas.

1840Mar 19Council HouseSan AntonioPeace talks between the Comanche & the Texas government end in fighting.

1845Annexation of TexasTexas becomes part of the United States - end of the Republic!


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