Ten Services Provided by Government

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Ten Services Provided by Government

Public Transit- MunicipalPublic transportation is a service provided by your city's municipal government. The above picture depicts a system of the Toronto Transit Commission. This service provides streetcars, buses, and subway routes to maximize mobility in Toronto. It's goal is to ensure that Toronto's transit systems run efficiently and cost-effectively.

By Sophie Wang

Ten Services Provided by the Government

National Defence - FederalThe Canadian Armed Forces are the country's military services, provided by the federal government. Our forces include the Navy, the Army, and the Air Force. These serve to protect and defend our country. The CAF patrols the skies and coasts for danger, lead search and rescue missions, and assist in disaster relief for civilians.

Garbage & Recycling - MunicipalSolid Waste Management is a municipal government service. It provides waste management services to residents, businesses and visitors within the City of Toronto. They are responsible for organizing your recycling, household hazardous products, waste electronics, etc. The goal of this service is to maintain a clean city.

Driver's Licence- ProvincialYour driver's licence is provided by your provincial government. The picture to the left is a typical Ontario driver's licence. It contains information such as your full name, your address, and licence number. This licence is proof of your privilege to drive.

Health Card- ProvincialYour provincial government is in charge of healthcare services. The picture to the top-left is a typical Ontario health card. It is provided by the Ministry of Health, who oversees Ontario's healthcare system. Your health card is the key that entitles you to access insured health services, and gives you eligibility for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

Canada Post - FederalYour postal services are provided by your country's federal government. The postal system covers your shipping, mailing, and shopping deliveries. Canada Post is a network of facilities that serves people all across the country, for personal or commercial purposes.

Public Libraries - MunicipalThe Toronto Public Library (above picture) is a system of library facilities maintained by the municipal government. There are over 100 branches all over the city that provides resources you can borrow and a quiet environment you can study or relax in.

Education- ProvincialThe Ontario Ministry of Education, organized by the municipal government, is a service that provides education and learning resources for youths all over Ontario. The education system comprises of public and private schools for elementary to post-secondary institutions.

Money and Banking - FederalThe Royal Bank of Canada (above) is only one of Canada's financial institutions. This service, provided by the federal government, is accessible through automatic banking machines, telephone, or online banking. Opening a bank account allows you to deposit your money in a secured place, and use through writing cheques or using a debit card.

Animal Control - MunicipalAnimal shelters and wildlife control are services provided by the municipal government. This includes the removal/relocation of unwanted pests and wild animals in your property


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