Template for State Glogster Grade 4

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Template for State Glogster Grade 4

You will use Glogster to create a digital poster about one of the States!Be creative and accurate!

Use graphics to highlight and point out things about your state!

Identify your glog with your avatar and your first name!


Be sure to include a good map of your state. Highlight the State Capitol in some way. Discuss the region of your state; where in the U. S. is it located? Tell about the climate or weather of your state.  Be sure to include a picture of the State Quarter that was designed for your state.

Include information about the Population of your state. Give some background historical information about your state including when it became a state. Use pictures, text and video clips.

Use pictures and words to describe fun facts about your state: state bird, flower, cookie, motto, nickname, flag, etc.

Include at least two tourist attractions that people come to see in your state.Talk about the products and/or natural resources of your state.

Do your best to use all sorts of media to describe the facts and features of your state!

Add a Video Clip! Use Discovery Ed to find one!

Add the State Song!

Pick a background wall for your glogster that says something about your state.....for example, if your state is along a coastline, perhaps use an oceanlike background. If your state is in the midwest, use a grassy or wheat field background.....