Temperate Rainforests

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Temperate Rainforests

Temperate Rainforests

The First Order Consumers- Squirrels, Chipmunks, Moles, Rodents, Birds, Deer, Elk, Fish, Slugs, Snails, Centipedes

The Second Order Consumers-Shrews, Birds, Weasels, Raccons, Owls, Foxes.

The Third Order Consumers-Bears, Cougars, Bobcats

Precipitation-It comes as rain or snowIn humid areas, 200 CM of rains falls yearly

Temperature-Above 0 usuallyIt is largely influenced by oceansThe average is 20 degreesIn the summer the average is 80 degrees


Areas- Northwestern coast of North America. Small areas south of Chile. In New Zealand, Australia. In northeastern Asia, and western and central Europe.

Temperate Rainforests are well-defined seasons with distinct winter. This biome has moderate climate and a growing season of 140-200 days during 4-6 frost-free months

Trees- Beeches, Sycamores, Oaks, Aspens, Walnut, Lime, Chestnut, Birches, Elms, TulipPlants- Mosses, Ferns, Fireweed, coastal Redwood

The largest temperate rainforests are found on the Pacific coast of North America. There are also small areas in the United Kingdom, Norway and Japan.


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