Temperate Rain Forest

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Temperate Rain Forest

A temperate rainforest has two seasons, winter and summer. They have foggy, cold and very cloudy summers and mild wet winters. This biome doesn't get alot of sunlight so this affects plants and their growth and the way that they reproduce. It rains 7-12 inches each summer and rains up to 100 inches yearly. The average temperature ranges from 32-50 degrees and 68 degrees near warmer parts. There are no extremes.

Decomposers on a Temperate Rainforest: Shelf Fungus and the Goldsmith Beetle

Temperate Rain Forest

A temperate rain forest is a forest that receives heavy rain fall and year round moderate temperatures. This bione occurs mainly in the Pacific Northwest coast of the U.S.

A mountain lion's adaptation is its vision to see prey. It has the characteristics of a cat, it's big and beige and has whiskers.They are found in swamps and forests. They live 8-13 years and they are on the endangered list. A roosevelt elk's adaptation is its antlers, mainly used as a defense mechanism. They look similar to a deer and they and brown and have antlers. Elk is found in forests with breaks in the canopy which allows sunlight to come in. A female elk life span is 19-21 years while a male lives for 16 years. People tend to hunt down this species and because of this, elk is on the endangered list. The Pacific Tree Frog is nocturnal and their sticky paws heklp them stick to trees to get food. They vary in color from brown to green and they have black eyes. These frogs are found in semi wild forests, streams, woodlands, and grasslands. The typical life span is 3-6 years.

Comsumers (from left to right): Mountain lion, Roosevelt Elk and Pacific Tree Frog

The adaptation of a coastal redwood is deep grooves running vertically through the tree. Elk and cougars are its dependent animals. It is on the endangered list. Fireweed's adaptation is that it gorws in deep shade or full exposure to the sun. It is on the endangered list and it is being threatened for extinction. Western Skunk Cabbage doesn't have an adaptation. Its dependent animals are slugs and millipedes. It is endangered in Tennessee and there are no threats for it.

Producers (from left to right): Coastal Redwood, Fireweed and Western Skunk Cabbage


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Shelf Fungus varies in sizes and amounts and looks similar to book shelves. These shelves, or brackets, produce spores above the ground. Their habitat is in forests and near woodlands. The Goldsmith beetle is small, gold, and has six legs. You can usually find them in forest, woodlands, and fields near woodlands.

The size of a temperate rain forest is as large as the largest known adults!

All about Temperate Rainforests

Sounds in a Temperate Rain Forest


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