Temperate Ocean

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Environmental Studies

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Temperate Ocean

DescriptionTemperate oceans are amazing!They cover 3 quarters (75%) of the world. The climate can vary from -40 fahrenheit to 100 fahrenheit. The temperate oceans don't get a lot of rainfall. Only 3 cm a year, in fact!

Plant LifeSome of the plants that live in the sea are: Giant Kelp, rockweed, algae,Seagrass and Seagrapes.

Temperate Ocean

AnimalsThese are a few examples of animals in the temperate oceans:Blue whaleAnglerfishClownfishAtlantic SalmonLanternfishBottle-Nosed whaleSpiny EelBasking shark

Human ImpactHumans are overfishing and depleting the fish supply. Also people use big nets that stay in the water and catch everything that comes through. So there are many dolphins that get caught in the nets and die. Luckily,there are laws in place now that limit the use of those nets.

AdaptationsThere are different types of adaptations. Some are ones like the anemone. Anemones have stingers on their tentacle-like branches so they don't get eaten. Also like the Clownfish. The Clownfish has slime that lets it hide in the Anemones without getting stung.

Did You Know?Anemones are actually half plant half animal!


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