Temperate Grasslands and Prairies

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Temperate Grasslands and Prairies

Geography They are located 40 and 60 degress north and south of the Equater. Major ones include, eldts of Africa, the Pampas of South America,the Steppes of eurasia, and the Plains of North America. They have a rich mix of grasses and very fertile, rich soil. Grasslands are a transtitonal biome between deserts and forests. They are maintained byfires and grazing animals.

Prairies vs. SteppesPraries have tall grasses while Steppes have short grasses.

ClimatePercipatation occurs n late srping and early summer. Annual rainfall is 20-35 inches.Tempatures range throughout the year. Summer can be over 100 deggrees fahrenheit and winters can get as low as -40 degrees fahrenheit.Steppes- hot summers and cold winters. Dry with only 10-20 inches oh rainfall a year.

Temperate Grasslands and prairies

EcologyMonarch Butterfly- they feed on milkweed which allows toxins to acclumulate in there body making them poisonous to birds. Grasses-purple needle grass, blue grama, and buffalo grass. Flowers-Aster, coneflowers and blazing stars. Animals- elk, bison, prarie dogs and there preadtors foxes and birds.


Locations around the world

Human ImpactTreats include overgrazingby livestockand plowing. The steel plow ahelped convert grasslands to agricultural lands. Also lack of fires and wildlife eradication. Grasslands are the least protected and fastest converted areas. Nachusa grasslands reintroduced bison and they preserve and restore Nachusa.


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