Temperate Grassland

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Temperate Grassland

Temperate grasslands are mainly flat

Temperate Grassland

The soil is very rich and fertile, but can get eroded by strong winds

By Sophie

Rainfall annually is 20 - 100 cm, with a temperature between 0 to 20 degrees

The yellow is the temperate grasslands, above 23.5 degrees north latitude and below 23.5 degrees south latitude.

Grasslands are also called prairies (America) or steepes (Russia)

The summers are rainy, and are followed by a dry period with a temperature of 30 degrees

They also have a cold period with temperatures of -10 degrees or lower

The grass has deep roots, which help provide nutrients to soil and regrow after fires

The limited rainfall as well as occasional grass fires make trees scarce.

Bison and antelopes thrive in grasslands because they are herbivores and fast runners

Foxtails and ryegrass thrive on the dry terrain, as do sunflowers and clovers, and the flexible stalks don't break in the winds


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