Temperate Grassland Biome

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Weather and Climate

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Temperate Grassland Biome

Temperate grasslands are called prairies in North America, steppes in Europe and Asia, pampas in Saouth America, and velds in South Africa. Technically speaking steppes have shorter grasses and prairies have longer grasses. Temperate grasslands lie between deserts and temperate forests.

Because of advcovacy groups and educationn, there is optimism of a rebirth in North American prairies.

Before there were fences, cowboys drove cattle along the range, which grazed on its grasses.

The largest temerate grasslands occur in central North America, Argentina, central and eastern Asia, and eastern Europe.

Temperate GrasslandEcosystem

Temperate grasslands have a short growing season between a cold, dry winter and a hot, dry summer.

Some negative effects of disappearing temperate grasslands are loss of fauna and flora, and dust storns.

Natural grasslands have disappeared because farms and cities have taken their place. Conservation groups are trying to save and restore them. Play a game to simulate!

When precipitation is erratic or sparse, grasses dominate.

The feeding and burrowing of praire dogs and other rodents benefit grasslands by bringing minerals to the top soil and allowing water to reach deeper into the ground.

Grasses dominate prairies because of drought, fire, and large grazing animals, like the bison.

Because of overhunting, bison, which once numbered in the millions, almost reached extinction. The PBS show, "American Buffalo: Spirit of a Nation" show people who are working to bring herds back to Yellowstone National Park.



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