Temperate forests

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Temperate forests

Climate Temperature Range: Temperatures range from hot in the summer with highs of 86 degrees Fahrenheit, to extremely cold in the winter with lows of - 22 degrees FahrenheitLatitude :Located mid-latitude; between 23.5 degrees and 55 degrees N and S.

Temperate Forests

Major Plant SpeciesTwo layers of vegetation, 1st trees 15-30m above ground and then 2nd layer 5-10m aboveground made of shrubs,Trees include:beeches,sycamore,oak,lime,tulip.Shrubs include moss lichens and ferns.


Loss of BiodiversityHabitats have been lost due to deforestationTemperate forests have already lost 80% of their cover ,their is less food and homes for animals ,environment destruction has increased 30%from 1970-2008

Major Animal SpeciesInsects, spiders, wolves, foxes, bear, coyotes,mountain lions, eagles, rabbits, deer, skunk,cardinals,ratsnake and bobcats

Wind PatternsMoist westerly winds along the pacific coast during winter and summer months,these winds cool as they ascendthe mountainstemperate forests ar eonfluenced by marine wind patterns.

Precipitation 2 to 5 feet (0.5-1.5 m) of precipitation (both rain and snow) each year. Humidity in these forests is high, from 60% to 80%

Seasonal Change. In the southern hemisphere, smaller areas of temperate forest can be found in South America, southern Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Because temperate forests are highly seasonal they have warm summers and cold winters. The trees being deciduous (meaning they drop their leaves in the fall) change colors as the seasons cycle: the green leaves of summer give way to the grey bare branches of winter. Temperate forests blend into the pines and firs of the taiga (cold climate forests).

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Altitude 3,000 feet above sea level

LandformsThese inlcude rivers mountains ,hills small mountains and riverplains Soil Type : very fertile soil, called brown forest soils

Land and soil changes: deforestation has caused erosion of land and chemicals used in water are damaging plants and animals less habitats and home sfor animals and plants



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