Temperate forest

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Temperate forest

Temperate Forest

VocabularyTemperate forest - A forest with moderate temperatures.Food Web - The system of animals eating other animals.Foothills - The low hills at the base or bottom of a mountain.Tertiary - Third in place or rank. (The third animal in a food chain or usually at the top of the food chain)

The green countries that are highlighted on the map above show the countries that contain temperate forests. Some examples of countries that have temperate forests are South America, Japan, Eastern Australia, The Himalayas, and New Guinea.

Above is an example of a food web that represents all food webs and chains in temperate forests. As you see, the plants, flowers, fruit, etc. are on the bottom and have the coyote, mountain lion, and bobcat at the top. Animals like the Mule deer, and the Red-Breasted nuthatch eat the fruit and insects, while the mountain lion and the coyote can be eating them right after. A food chain is a similar concept but food chain is broken down to one chain in a food web, while a food web has several diffrent chains.

Above is a video on an introduction to the temperate forest. It mentions some locations, plants, animals, and climate. Enjoy!

This animal is called the red panda. They live in the foothills of The Himilayas where the temperate forests are located. They are prey to the snow leopard and are in the middle of a food web. These animals are herbivores so they feed off of fruit and bamboo also as their regular diet.

The animal above is called the snow leopard. You may think snow leopards live in snow but not always. They can live in warmer habitats such as the mountains of Centeral Asia, The Himilayas in particular. These animals are predators and are mostly at the top of a food web or chain. Snow leopards are carnivores and eat meat as their regular diet, and is a predator to the red panda (left)

The specific location that I'm using is the temperate forest in The Himilayas.

These types of trees are called white birch trees. They can be found in just about any temperate forest including The Himilayas. This next thype of tree is called the Pinus Wallichiana or Blue Pine. It is commonly found in The Himilayas in temperate forests. (This picture wasn't took inThe Himilayas but it's just to show what the tree looks like.)


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