Temperate Forest

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Weather and Climate

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Temperate Forest

Packing List you want to make sure pack a rain coat and maybe a sweatshirt for the rain and cool breezes but other then that short sleves and shorts

Climate The temperate rainforest weather is very nice with moderate tempatures not to hot or too cold,but it gets over 300cm of rain a year

Temperate Rainforest

Plants The veggitation here is very diverce some plant you may encounter are western red cedar trees, salmonberries,Fire weed ect.

Tree House Hotelon this trip you would stay in one of the finest treehouses in the forest with its 5 star rating sitting in the hundred year old trees surrounding you while you can realaxe in your luxuery sweet.

AnimalsThere is tons of animals in the temperate rain forest including sorts of mammals and birds and reptiles

Foods Since there is lots of resources in the rainforest based off of its wet climate there is lots of edable plants and lost of animals that the natives eat.

video www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZctPfUqeQc

There is tons of stuff to do in the rianforest!


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