Temperate Forest Biome

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Temperate Forest Biome

Most temperate forests are located in the eastern United States.The state of New York is an example of a temperate forest.They can also be found in Canada, Europe, China, Japan, and parts of Russia.The city of Tokyo in Japan is an example of a temperate forest.

Species in the Temp. Forest

Temperate Forest Info

Temp. & Precip.

The ocean and the wind are two big factors of why the temperature and climate change so much in this biome. This is a biome that recieves all four seasons.

Abiotic Factors*Cold to moderate winters, warm summers, year round precipitation and rich soilBiotic Factors*Animals learn to cope with changing weather

BIOTIC Common Plants:*Deciduous Trees*Birch Trees*Oak Trees*Lady Fern*Carpet MossCommon Animals:*Least Weasle*White-Tailed Deer*Coyote*RabbitABIOTICRocksNutrient Rich SoilWater (Snow, Rain, Rivers, Lakes, Humidity)Air Sunlight WindTemperatures


Fun Facts ~ Most temperate forests get to see 4 seasons each year and each season typically lasts about 3 months~ The temperate forest is the Biome that most humans live. It is a bad thing because humans end up destroying their environment.

Temperate Forest Biome

Climate Change

Red Fox

~Average Rainfall = 750mm-1500mm~Temperature = 75°F - 86°F~Precipitation = 2-5 feetThe temperature of the forest depends on the altitude of the forest. The forests that are in the mountains are colder.


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