Temperate Deciduous Forests

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Temperate Deciduous Forests

Temperate Deciduous Forest Tours

Located in eastern North America, western and central Europe, and northeastern Asia

Climate~four distinct seasons~growing season: 140-200 days (4-6 months)~temp.: -30°C to 30°C~75-150cm of precipitation per year

Plants~deciduous trees (lose leaves) -maple, elm, oak, and cedar~spring flowering herbs (mint), perennial~rich soil and abundant plant life

Animals~small rodents (mice, racoons, squirrels)~amphibians (frogs and newts)~large mammals (bears, wolves, foxes, and deer)~insects lay eggs for the winter~many mammals hibernate or migrate south for the winter

In the southeast US, red wolves are endangered due to human activity (hunting) and interbreeding with coyotes.

One popular Temperate Deciduous Forest is Great Falls park, stretching over Virginia and Maryland.

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