Temperate Deciduous Forests

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Temperate Deciduous Forests

LOCATION AND CLIMATETemperate Deciduous forests occur in Eastern U.S, Canada, China and Japan. Tempatures can range from -30'c to 30'c, but average around 10'c. These brilliant forests have nice warm summers and chilling snowy winters! Precipitation (75-150cm) is distributed evenly all year long!

VISIT US!You should visit these magnificent locations because there are no other forests like it! Here you will find a unigue selection of diversified animals and vegitation, and fungi! The deciduous woods are the best place for an exceptional hike with family or friends, and who doesnt adore some fresh air?

Temperate Deciduous Forest


Many of us greatly benefit from this unique biome. People use these beautiful forests for camping and hiking, to enjoy nature and see all the diverse organisms that dwell here. We also use these forests for activities such as hunting game and other wild animals, as well as using the trees' valuable wood and timber for paper and other things.Sadly, because we use these amazing forests in such a manner, in 25 to 50 years, the forest might be drastically changed. Many of the animals we hunt may die off in that specific area, we may cut down one too many trees forcing many animals to migrate. We may also become too friendly with the beautiful woods and overtake much of its territory with industrial tendencies.

Some of our most common trees are;*Cottonwood tree*White Oak *Maple treeSome more interesting plants you may see...*Tawny Milkcap mushroom*Lady Fern*Guelder Rose

Some of our most common animals include:*White-tailed dear*Pileated woodpeckers*Blackbear


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