Temperate deciduous forest

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Temperate deciduous forest

Temperate Deciduous Forest


Grass; primary producer

Maple Tree; Primary Producer

Apple Tree; Primary Producer

Rabbit; Primary Consumer;Herbivore

Deer; PrimaryConsumer; Herbivore

Caterpillar; PrimaryConsumer; Herbivore

Bird; SecondayConsumer; Carnivore

Fox; Secondary Consumer;Omnivore

Bear; Secondary Consumer; Carnivor

Cat; Secondary Consumer; Omnivore

The Temperate Deciduous Forest is located on the North America, N. Europe, and Asia. TDF is known to have lots of rainfall and change seasons. They have cold winters and hot summers. Temperate Deciduous Forest is home to many animals. Eagles, foxes, cats, dogs, bears, snakes, bunnies, etc. find the TDF as their home. They all have to be able to stand the winter and the summers. It is also home to many species of plants, the apple trees, oak trees, roses, grass, etc. Most of our tress lose their leaves in the winter and regrow the in the spring/summer. Our good soil and ground covered by green grass makes this a perfect place for animals. Plus our wide variety of trees cover a lot of the area.

Eagle; Tertiary Consumer;Carnivore


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