Temperance Movement

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Temperance Movement

The temperance was a social movement in the United States urging personal moderation in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The idea of banning alcohol in the United States started to pick up steam in the 1830s, long before prohibition was instated. Many people believed that alcohol was strongly connected to insanity, poverty and many of the world's evils, and so the temperance movement gained momentum.

1773 - John Wesley, founder of Methodism, preached that drinking alcohol was sinful.1834 - American Temperance Society had 5,000 local chapters, and 1 million members.1855 - 13 of the 40 states had prohibition laws on drinking alcohol.1869 - National Prohibition Party founded.1876 - World's Women's Christian Temperance Union founded.1920 - Prohibition Era began.1933 - 21st Amendment passed, repealing the 18th Amendment and prohibition.

Women were enormously influential in the Temperence movement, it was an issue of major concern to women in the second half of the 19th century. There were many men apart of this movement who started and stayed with it, but overall women dominated it. Some people who were involved in the movement are: Lucrieta Mott, Susan B. Anthony, & Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The people involved in the temperance movement started campaigns and petitions to get people to not drink and for it to get banned. It got banned in certain states and with the protests the people held some people did choose to stop. Others arrogantly continued to drink and caused drama and chaos to society during that time period of reform.

Impact on the past

The temperance movement was linked to the women's suffrage movement. As one became more popular so did the other. It is no coincidence that women's voting rights and prohibition began about the same time. The temperance movement also made bootlegging popular. People like the Kennedy's got rich while surging beer producing towns like Shreveport had their economies ruined. This movement also pushed morality and religion into the center of the American stage where it still is. It gave people the oppurtunity to address how they felt on an issue publicly. We gained that right in the constitution and still have the right of freedom of speech.


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Temperance Movement

Impact on the presentWe still deal with people having personal opinions on the consumption of alcohol, due to its harm on peoples bodies and society. The government has given people over the age of 21 the decision if they want to drink alcoholic beverages or not. You are not allowed to drink and drive or be under the influence or any drug or alcohol while driving or you will most likely be sentenced to some type of consequence.



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