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Telling Time

Super Hero Mission: Telling TIme

So in the classroom I would start off with the video which explains how to tell time. Next we go on to our Clock Building exercise (next to computer) and go through a flipchart practicing how to move the hands and tell what time it is. After that we go on to our "O'clock, Half, or Quarter" worksheet whih tests what the kids know, and then we end with a fun game of "Stop the Clock", pictured on the right. These last two activites really help to know what the students have retained in a fun way.

I chose to go to Better Lesson and choose a lesson plan to recreate and integrate technology into. I chose the lesson Time to the Hour by Lisa Murdock (to see her lesson plan scan the QR code to the left). I chose to work with time because it kinda went along with the lesson plan I created for the Champion Mission which focused on partitioning circles and rectangles.


My Lesson Plan

Better Lesson

I used the same video as the opener for the lesson as Lisa simply because it's a great video. I think it will be very helpful in getting kids excited about the lesson and help them to understand the clock before diving into the rest of the lesson

Stop the Clock is the closing of the Time lesson. It's a fun little game where you match the digital time to the analog time and see how fast you can do it. I've actually done this with students before and the LOVE it. Sadly it can't be played on phones or ipads so this might be something that is played on the smart board or computers.


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